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The Children’s Ministry Center 

The Children’s Ministry Center is a place of wonder and discovery as children learn Bible truths. Our goal for each weekend service is to create an environment that would both educational and entertaining. We have adopted the term “edutainment” as our theme! We want to capture your child’s imagination, intrigue them and set them on a course of discovery.

Our Children’s Ministry teaches a curriculum of age-appropriate Bible lessons that poses to be spiritually developmental and fun. Children learn that Jesus loves them and how to live a spiritually devoted life.

We believe that learning should be exciting, so we utilize Drama, Songs and Various Activities in our children’s area and are committed to working with every family in laying a spiritual foundation children can build their lives on.

Community Service

Kainos Community Church provides Supervised Community Service for all ages. The program is available for those seeking hours for any type of community service – whether court ordered, academic (i.e. National Honor Society), or service oriented (i.e. Boy Scouts). Our program is recognized by the State of Texas.

  • Footsteps of Praise (Children’s Dance)

This ministry is for children, ages 5-11, to learn and demonstrate how to praise God through dance.
All music and instruction is child friendly. Children also learn why praise is important to God as well as what various movements illustrate when ministering unto God.
Children come away excited about dance and God.
We know many children have a lot of Energy – allow them to turn that energy into something that glorifies God.

  • Youth Prayer Partners Ministry

This is an awesome and powerful ministry designed for youth to participate in ministry by preparing the sanctuary for Worship, Bible Study, and special Services through prayer and service.
This group of young people actually set the mood and atmosphere for worship.
In addition to prayer before service – they also pray during the service.
Lives are changed – youth are given hope and encouragement because of this ministry.

Youth Bible Study

Each week – we offer youth and children classes for spiritual growth.

Every lesson includes student-centered learning activities, and handouts that facilitate study, discussion and application.

Our Bible studies enable young people to apply scriptural principles through learning activities that address real-life issues.

Games, role-plays, small group interaction, and lively discussions involve teenagers mentally, emotionally, and physically as they study the timeless principles of the Bible.

Day and Time: Every Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.


Kontagious Spirit (Youth Choir)

This ministry is for youth ages 12-18. The goal is to minister through song – traditional and contemporary music that will uplift the soul, encourage the believer, and help transition the non-believer. This group of young people enjoy singing and rapping. 


Youth Psalmists / Drama

This ministry is for youth & children ages 5-17. The Psalmist is committed to dramatic and musical interpretation of His Word to reinforce the Gospel Message. This ministry is perfect for youth who love Poetry and Drama! 


Kingdom Kids 

This ministry is for children ages 5-11. Kingdom Kids is dedicated to bringing together boys and girls to experience the joy of singing praise to God and to gain a life-long love for good music through age-appropriate vocal training. We strive to nurture the unique gift each child brings to encourage all to reach for excellence, and ultimately, to create ea life long love for Praise and Worship through song. We want your child to leave encouraged and feeling like they are an important part of God’s Kingdom!

  • Anointed Generation (Youth Praise Dance) 

    This is an exciting ministry for youth ages 12-17.

    Anointed Generation is a mixture of Classical Liturgical and Hip-Hop Dance designed to glorify God and liberate others through dance and music.

    This ministry will also incorporate props into dancing such as flags and streamer that all work together to bring a complete routine that will glorify God while encouraging the people of God.

    The goal is to minister in dance in such a way as to bring others INTO THE PRESENCE of God – in addition to winning souls for the kingdom and bringing others into a deeper relationship with God.


Youth Ushers

This ministry is for youth of all ages. The ushers are the host of God’s house, attending to needs of the worshippers and making everyone feel that their presence is valuable. Ushering teaches young people discipline and precision. They become an integral part of the worship experience and learn to appreciate the importance of order within the service. A great ministry of service for young people. 


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